Sunday, August 31, 2014

Swimava: A Fun and Safe Way to Swim with your Little Ones

Swimming as we all know is a survival skill that should be mastered by everyone. My first born is yet to learn how to conquer his fear of water (though he really enjoys playing in the sand and the shallow part of the pool/beach). But with my second son, I vowed to myself that he should be able to learn how to swim as early as possible.

So I was really happy when I stumbled upon this amazing product specially made for babies (for 3 months and up to be exact!). 


Swimava came from the name of the owner's daughter, Ava. Thus the name Swim-Ava. It is a brand which was developed in the UK and is now currently being designed in the US. Their products were originally for babies, to improve their health through swimming at an early age. By using these products the little ones will be able to develop their muscles through exercise thus improving their eating habits and sleeping patterns. 

One of their best-sellers and probably the only brand I encountered which offered this product: Baby Swim Rings (3-18 months/12lbs.-29lbs.). I saw some YouTube videos of babies using this and I was totally blown away of how cute the little ones are and how effective this product is!

It is good to know that all their products are made from high-quality hypoallergenic PVC plastic and free from Bisphenol-A. Swimava also won the TIPS Innovative Award 2009-2013. Note that only products with strict criteria can be submitted for a TIPS trial. This means that if a product is accepted through their testing programme it is already considered a winner!

Let me share with you our fun swimming days with our Swimava!

Pump and Bag

When you purchase a Swimava Baby Swim Ring you get: a waterproof bag, a mini pump (which is really effective! With other brands I find it really hard to use their pumps), an instruction leaflet/safety tips and ofcourse a Swimava Ring.

What sets this product apart from all the other rings is that it has a comfortable Chin Rest for the baby so that he feels comfortable while he is in the water.

Special feature: Chin Rest

We gave our Swimava a try both in the bath tub and the pool. And boy, we all went "Aww!" as my 4 month old floated on his own!

Bubble Bath!

Swim + Bath = FUN!!(:

See those tiny legs?

He wasn't even scared and he didn't even cry while he was in the water. He was just doing his own business.

Here are some of Swimava's BENEFITS:
-stimulates physical and mental development at an early age; improving muscle development and coordination.
-physical activity that cannot be compared to at 3-12 months of age.
-improves baby's strength, balance, stamina, breathing and coordination.
And most importantly (I believe): they will get used to swimming and playing in the water. 

Here he comes!

I believe Swimava will help me to introduce my 4 month old to the water so that he will not have any fear especially when he is old enough to learn how to swim on his own.

But ofcourse, safety is always first! There should AWALYS be an adult nearby. 

Water fun with dady!

Because of Swimava all of us had fun in the water. No one was left behind since everyone was able to dip in the pool!

Everyone's happy!(:

Swimava also launched other products like:
-Body Rings (1-3 years old), these rings are different from the ones we used when we were kids as they wrap around the baby's body for a perfect snug!
-Baby Swim Diapers (3-18 months)
-Compact Baby Pool which is specially designed for the Swim Rings users as this is deeper than the bath tub and lightweight making it easy to take anywhere!

Have fun with your water babies and get your own SWIMAVA now:
Rustan's in Makati, ATC, Gateway and Ayala Cebu

Swimava: A Fun and Safe Way to Swim with your Little One


  1. I wish I was able to discover this brand when my kids were babies pa. I love your photos and very informative article, Mommy Kaity!

    1. Hello SJ!(: thank you for reading! I was so glad I was able to chance upon this product since I wanted my boy to learn how to swim at an early age.