Friday, August 29, 2014

Spa Day at Fringe Salon

A few weeks back I blogged about my wonderful experience at Fringe Salon and how happy I was with my "mini" transformation.

So I got back to their elegant salon to experience their "private" spa. Yes, I like to call it private since you have your own room which has a shower, hot tub, TV (Yes! TV), toiletries and dresser.

Ready to get pampered!

Before I had my massage, I was given an hour to experience their hot tub. The lady who assisted me that day made sure that my tub had lots of fluffy bubbles (which made me happy!) and the smell was really terrific! I lounged in the tub for almost an hour and the soap that they used made my skin soft.

All new! And everything smelled good!

Dive in!!

You can also choose to have music in the room if you want to be in the "zone". I preferred not to play any so I can quiet my mind and relax.

Music anyone?

After using the hot tub I can't wait for my massage to start! The lady asked me to pick which oil I'd like her to use from these three.

Oil selection

I preferred to use the Ginger Massage Oil which also smelled terrific! The masseuse was really good. Concentrating on the painful parts of my body. She was consistent in asking me if the pressure was okay or not.

My choice: Ginger Massage Oil!(:

After the massage, I drifted for around 20-30 mins. and when I woke up I felt light and stress-free! And the cost? Less than a thousand!(:

Pamper yourself at:

Spa Day at Fringe Salon

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