Thursday, August 28, 2014

LeapReader Reading & Writing System by LeapFrog

One of LeapFrog's products which I totally love (I use this myself! Haha!) and which also made me go "Wow!" is the LeapReader Reading & Writing System for kids ages 4-8 years old. 

The chubby pen tells stories, sings, writes and even has some (educational) games included! Amazing right? 

LeapReader Read & Write + Activity Set

Read + Write + Listen!

The LeapReader actually has 3 different options: Audio Books, Music and Trivia Challenge which you can easily access on the pen.

But first you need to set up the device.

How do you set up your LeapReader Read & Write System?

Set up

It's pretty easy actually. Just like its baby brother, the LeapReader Junior; first you need to connect the device using the USB Cable (included) to a PC or Mac. Then you log on to and download the LeapReader Reading & Writing System LeapFrog Connect Application. And from there you will be guided on what to do next! It's nice to know that this little pen doesn't need any batteries! It charges on its own once you connect it to your computer. Setting it up only took around 10-15 mins.!


There are hundreds of audio books, music albums and trivia challenges you can download from the LeapFrog App Center! You will surely find a title that your kids will love and enjoy.

123... ABC...

The package includes a sample book which gives a teaser to some of the other titles you can purchase separately. But my BabyBoyToy still had fun in every page as the LeapReader reads out every word and sounds out the photos in the book. 

Vroom! Vroom!

Seriously "reading" with his LeapReader

Write It! Talking Words Factory (Activity Set)

As I've mentioned you can get other book titles and activities and use it with this device. This is one of the packs you can avail separately. The Write It! Talking Words Factory is good for kids who are about to start school. This set teaches them the sound of short and long vowels, consonant blends and how to write words.

The box includes a book and activity sheets which will last you days of fun and learning!

Learning some words...

Did you know that the LeapReader Reading & Writing System actually works as a "Magical" Pencil too? It can only write on the special paper that they provide (for that no mess, writing fun!). I really love that it also practices my son's grip as he holds the pen.

The "Magical" Pencil!

Not only does it teaches my BabyBoyToy to read but it also teaches him how to write using a pencil.

As I've mentioned this wonderful device also works as an Audio Player too. We have yet to discover the hundreds of audio books my little one can listen to. The LeapReader practices our kids' listening skills and at the same time will make them use their imagination!

My happy BabyBoyToy

The LeapReader makes one great companion whether you are at home or on-the-go! It is not only educational, but it is a unique and fun way for kids to learn.

One happy mom and child!(:

As my little one learns, mommy becomes happy and proud of his little yet great accomplishments!

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LeapReader Reading & Writing System by LeapFrog

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