Thursday, August 28, 2014

LeapReader Junior by LeapFrog

I was really excited when my BabyBoyToy was about to enter school. So last summer I was on a high trying to look for activities for him so he can learn how to read, write, etc. I even bought a book and tried to teach him how to read. Yes it did work at first, but as days go by, I can see that he is slowly losing interest and doesn't pay much attention anymore.

I've learned that kids especially his age (4 years old) has a short attention span and we can't (and should not) force them to learn the way we want them to. So I was so happy when we were given a chance to "test drive" this adorable gadget from LeapFrog!

LeapReader Junior (Tag Junior)

Back of the box

The LeapReader Junior or Tag Junior is one of the 3 reading gadgets from LeapFrog especially made for kids aged 1-4 years old. The set includes either the Green (Scout) or Purple (Violet) LeapReader Junior/Tag Junior Dog gadget and 1 Tag Book.


The book included in the package is like a sampler/teaser of the books you can purchase separately. There are around 20 titles/board books you can choose from depending on what your child likes.

So how do you use your LeapReader Junior/Tag Junior?

Set up!

First you have to place (2) new AAA batteries in the device then connect it using the USB Cable (included) to a PC or Mac. Then you log on to and download the LeapReader Junior LeapFrog Connect Application. And from there you will be guided on what to do next! Easy right? It only took me around 10-15mins. to install the application.

What I truly love about the Tag Junior is that you can personalize it with your child's name! Yes, you can choose from the thousand of names given in the application and download it to the device. The little dog will call out your child's name once you turn it on/off. This is definitely BabyBoyToy approved! He instantly fell in love with Scout as soon as the little dog called out his name.

BabyBoyToy holding Scout

After I downloaded the Tag Junior audio for the book included in the package the little one was all giddy and excited to use his new little pal. He got more excited when he heard him saying his name: "Miguel!". (I believe that was really a plus point for this product!) 

Enjoying his LeapFrog Junior

Scout would read aloud (you can actually adjust the volume) every word on the book once he touches the page. He will also sing and make sound effects if you point him on certain pictures! My BabyBoyToy was really amazed and had great time playing with Scout!

Personally, I find this toy really amusing and fun as I get to read stories with my kid and yes the stories really do come to life with our little Scout!

See how happy my BabyBoyToy was after using his Tag Junior?(:

Know more about this amazing toy and other wonderful learning items at:

LeapReader Junior By LeapFrog

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  1. That's one cool learning toy! :) Your son looked like he really had a great time. That's really important - they're having fun while learning. I hope this one's not too costly to purchase.