Sunday, August 3, 2014

LeapFrog Toys For My Little Boys

Me and my babies were blessed to experience and play with these LeapFrog toys (thank you AbsolutelyMommy).

As a mom of two boys, its really challenging for me to keep them "occupied" all throughout the day. But we know kids, they love and enjoy playing. And my first born is no exception, he loooves toys so much.

So it was no surprise that my sons enjoyed their loot of LeapFrog toys.

LeapFrog Toys

"LeapFrog creates award-winning educational solutions that delight, engage and inspire children to reach their potential. We know that children learn best when they’re having fun, and that every child learns differently. With solutions that are personalized to each child’s level, every day brings pure learning fun."

I've learned that LeapFrog creates toys which are created especially for the child's age level. They have been working hard to create new ways to learn and inspire children. And they also do their research to ensure that everything they create is for learning and designed for fun.

LeapFrog's Mobile Med Kit

Take for example the Mobile Med Kit which includes some of the doctor's equipment housed in a moving (and sounding) ambulance. You can press the ambulance's red siren and it plays different sounds. You can also play with it together with your other toy vehicles as the wheels also move manually. The set includes an injection, thermometer, stethoscope and otoscope.

Hello there Dr.Bato!

Checking the little one's ear

My 4 year old loves to play pretend at his age. Not to mention he is also a "car" lover so he also enjoyed playing with the big ambulance together with his small cars. 

Though the toy is meant for 2 years old +, my son had a wonderful time with it since he can play doctor with his little brother and play alone with the ambulance.

LeapFrog's Sing & Play Farm

This colorful Sing & Play Farm take-along toy plays different songs and sounds perfect for my 3 month old. 

Though the box says its suitable for 6-36 months old babies, my first born enjoys pressing the buttons and showing his little brother the animals around the barn. The little one on the other hand was able to exercise his eye sight by looking at the colorful things surrounding the barn. And whenever he cries, the sounds immediately gets his attention and therefore he stops crying.

I know when he reaches his 6th month, he can practice his fine motor skills by opening the barn's doors and pressing the buttons around it.

Peek-a-BOO! says the owl

See the little bunny go hop, hop!

LeapFrog's Roll & Go Rocking Horse

One of my favorites is the Roll & Go Rocking Horse. Again, though it is meant for 6-36 months old babies, my little ones had fun bonding over this toy.

Pressing the horse's saddle will make the horse go "ngeeehh!" and will also ask you do some some little tasks such as patting his nose or touching his ears. My 3 month old enjoys following the horse with his eyes as his older brother pushes it around. And again when he reaches his 6th month this toy will be perfect for him to practice his gross motor skills as he crawls/chases the horse. The saddle also lights up/blinks by the way and it also plays some songs too!

See how excited he gets as the little horse plays some tunes? Look at his arm go up!


These LeapFrog toys will surely make our sons' childhood memorable and make play time more fun for them. Their colors make them come to life and their functions are easy to use and understand. And yes, these will be their loyal companion as they grow up.

Learn more about LeapFrog toys here:

LeapFrog Toys For My Little Boys


  1. Lovely photos of your sons! I'm sure your eldest boy enjoyed playing doctor to his baby brother!

    1. Thank you!(: he plays doctor to all of us! Grabe kulit!(: