Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kinder Joy's Back To School Event

My BabyBoyToy loves Kinder Joy Egg so much! I remember when I can only get this at Hong Kong and I get excited everytime I crack the chocolate shell (and yes, I was already around 18 years old that time! Haha!) Now Kinder Joy Egg is everywhere! So whenever we go to the grocery, my little one would quickly grab an egg or two.

And last August 2 we attended their Back To School event at Fully Booked in BGC. It was a day packed with activities for the kids and the kids at heart.

Back to School with Kinder Joy

Kinder Egg Prizes

Happy Kid!

The event was divided into 3 activities: 

First there was Book Reading wherein kids enjoyed the story of "But That Won't Wake Me Up".

Fun story-telling time!

After the very fun story-telling activity, it was time for Art Attack wherein the kids were given some art materials and an apron so that they can color Kinderino (the egg mascot). The best ones had the chance to take home some prizes!

Busy coloring his Kinderino


After the art activity was Quiz Time. Kids and parents had a wonderful time answering some simple questions and the fastest ones to raise their hand with the correct answer gets a prize!

We raised our hands to almost all the questions so my little one won as Quiz Master. Yay!(:

Happy Winner!(:

His Kinderino canister with Kinder Eggs inside!

After the activities, everyone was handed a Kinder Egg for them to take home and Kinderino the mascot came out for some photo op with the kids.

You can tell he's a bit "scared" haha!((:

Kinder Egg for everyone!!(:

Happy MigMig!(:

It was one very fun "learning" afternoon for my little one as he gets to learn while having fun with his favorite treat, Kinder Egg!

Check out more activities and fun surprises here:

Kinder Joy's Back To School Event

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