Tuesday, August 5, 2014

K-Palette: 1 Day Magic REVEALED!

Let's face it, once we become a mom, a lot of things will change and that includes routine. I am no exception to this. Being a mom to two little boys made life a bit challenging for me. That's why I was very happy when I got invited to K-Palettes 1 Day Magic event at R Space in Makati. An excuse to "prettify" myself and get all girly! 

It is also a plus to know that K-Palette is one of the leading Japanese brands when it comes to make up. (I trust and love anything Japanese!) So you can tell how excited I am to be part of this event!

K-Palette introduces 1 Day Magic!

Pink and girly!

As soon as I entered the place, I felt like I was a little girl in candyland! It was all pink and it really felt magical! The dessert table was very lovely, there were pink dressers wherein you can try out all the 1 Day Magic products and there was a roaming "photobooth".


Oh so sweet! And lovely!

Meet the 1 Day Magic products!

The 1 Day Magic series promises to make you look kawaii for 1 whole (magical) day! It stays on your face without you worrying about smudges and re-applying every hour.

Liquid Eyeliner

-Liquid Eyeliner (P695): with its new thick, flat brush, applying eyeliner is now easy especially for beginners. This one stays on your lids and doesn't give you that "racoon" eye after a while. It's water and sweat resistant yet you can easily remove it using soap and water.

Mascara on one side

Fiber on the other

-Fiber Mascara (P895): since I was not born with thick lashes (oh! You can barely see them!), I quickly fell in love with product! It has a double side feature (one end is mascara, the other is fiber). What you do is you apply the mascara first, then swish some fibers on and add another coat of mascara. TADA! Thick, lasting lashes all day long!

-3D Palette (P895): the latest product from K-Palette is this cute little compact which contains everything that you need to make that slim face illusion! Pink and orange blush, highlighter, contour and long and short brush. Magic!

-Eyelid Glue (P650): this is one interesting product! It promises to give you that double eyelid effect and also keeps your falsies in place!
We were all lucky to have Japanese MUA Sayaka Nagashima do a demo on the 1 Day Magic products. I found out that not only does these products give you that Kawaii! look, but they also contain beauty essences such as Hyaluronic Acid, Japanese Gentian Extract, Shea Butter, Argan Oil and many more which are all good for your skin!

MUA Sayaka Nagashima doing her magic!

TADA! So kawaii!!

After the demonstration we were all treated to a very yummy meal and a magic show by the great illusionist, Erik Mana!

I promise, it's so YUMMY!

Lovely Ladies

Erik Mana and his volunteer

Erik made us all go "WOW!" with his tricks and his sense of humor made us all laugh all throughout his performance.

K-Palette's 1 Day Magic products

All in all it was a very magical afternoon as we all felt like princesses with all the treats and tricks we've received!

Experience the MAGIC yourself! Check out K-Palette here:

K-Palette: 1 Day Magic REVEALED!

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