Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hakab Na! 2014: The Big Latch On!

One of the achievements I will forever be proud of is exclusively (direct) breastfeeding my second son. I breastfed my first born, but then due to lack of knowledge and support it only lasted for a month or 3 weeks. 

But now, with my second baby, I am more determined and I made sure I've equipped myself with all the information I need to know and surrounded myself with the right people/support group. And I'm happy to say that we are nearing our 4th month! And yes, he is one chubby, healthy baby!(:

So I am so proud to say that I was part of Hakab Na! 2014 held at the Philippine Army Officers' Clubhouse in The Fort last August 2 as 170 moms and their little ones latched together to show their support and to raise awareness on breastfeeding.

Countdown to 10:30AM!

My Little Manong already latched! The timer didn't even start yet!

Happy to be part of this group!

There were people who brought small posters to show their support and reason for breastfeeding.

So true!

And Hakab Na! 2014 begins... We had to latch our babies for 1 minute for our attendance to be counted. There were watchers/hubbies of the participants who counted those who successfully breastfed for a minute.

Me and Clarice raising our hands to show that we are done! (But see, my Little Manong is still latched! Haha! One takaw baby!)

A room full of breastfeeding mamas!

I am one (very) proud BREASTFEEDING PINAY!

The event was a success! This was the second Hakab Na! event here in our country and more and more moms are joining according to the organizers. The P250 I paid (for me, my little one and the hubby) was very much worth it for this experience! There was also food and a photobooth during the event but I was too busy chatting with other moms and excited for the experience that I forgot to take a photo. A short talk about breastfeeding and its benefits was also given during the event which inspired me more to continue this journey.

I hope more and more Pinays and moms will know and appreciate the benefits of breastfeeding.

Hakab Na! 2014 loot

I can't wait for next year! Hopefully, I still have the "power" and determination to breastfeed my then 1 year old son.

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Hakab Na! 2014: The Big Latch On!

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