Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chanel Introduces LES 4 Ombres

I've never been a fan of eyeshadows. Aside from the fact that they take time to apply, I feel that I have too much make up on whenever I wear them.

But I decided to try out Chanel's LES 4 Ombres collection and I was impressed as to what this brand had to offer. 



I read that this is a reformulated line wherein they've created a "re-interpretation of tweed; a fabric that Mademoiselle Chanel loved herself and is famously known as her "signature style"!"

The palettes come in different, beautiful shades wherein you can play around to create various looks for different events/occasions. 

LES 4 Ombres

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There are 8 different palettes to choose from depending on what you look you'd like to achieve. Each palette comes in different shades and colors which are all very lovely and yes wearable.

As I've mentioned you can play around with the colors to achieve different looks/effects.

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I requested for a light/natural look. The Chanel lady started working her magic on me. Every product she used had an obvious effect on my face.

Tisse Camelia

The sweet shades of lilac, pink, lavender and brown were applied to my eyelids. And yes, the make up was barely there but it still made my face come to life.

I know I look fat! Haha ((:

Yes, that's me!(:

After my transformation, Pete Rich (I've been crushing on his works for the longest time!) took my photo and created an illustration for me. 

Pete working his magic!

He really is one amazing artist! By the way, he even used the eyeshadows to color the eyelids on each portrait! Cool, right?

Some "Petetraits" he made

Transformed Mama! Haha ((:

I felt different after the makeover (like a new person. Nax!). And I've also realized that Chanel really has quality products because I ate so much that night and took care of my two very active baby boys and still my make up is intact!

Get a Chanel MAKEOVER and your very own Petetraits too here:

Chanel Introduces LES 4 Ombres

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