Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bag O' Shrimps: A Bag Full Of YUM!

If there is one food, ONE food that I can't live without (and can survive by just eating that!) it has got to be SHRIMPS! I looove seafood! Who doesn't right? So I was really thrilled when I found out about Bag O' Shrimps! Located at McKinley Hill, The Fort, this little restaurant is the like the Boiling Crab of the Philippines!

Bag O' Shrimps

Fish nets

The interior made me feel like I was in a small shack near a beach. 

You may dine outside

Beach-y vibe in here!


We ordered a pound (minimum order/weight) of Shrimp (P565) and chose the Bag O' Momma flavor as suggested by our server. You can also try their other flavors: Lemon Pepper, Cajun and Garlic Butter. We wanted to choose medium as the level of spiciness, but then our server said that the flavor she suggested was already spicy (good thing we took her advise!)

We also added 500g (minimum order/weight) of Mussels (P265) and this time we opted for the Lemon Pepper flavor. And we just had to try the Crab Bomb Stick (P185), it's like cheese sticks, but with added crab sticks and jalapeno! Mmm...!!

We waited for a few minutes for our order to be served... And the wait was very much worth it!

Shrimps in Bag O' Momma flavor

Mussels in Lemon Pepper flavor

Crab Bomb Stick is the BOMB!

Everything was so good! We almost didn't finish the pound of Shrimp as the size was quiet big and it was enough for a group of 3 (considering that I'm a Shrimp FAN!). The spiciness was just right for a "spice lover" like me. The Mussels in Lemon Pepper was also good! It was oozing with flavor! And I can really see that the mussels were all fresh! And ofcourse the Crab Bomb Stick blew me away with its unique taste of crab, jalapeno and cheese---just PERFECT!

Sea Adventures at Bag O' Shrimps!(:

I am very happy with Bag O' Shrimp's food, service and place. I felt like I was in the US enjoying a meal at Boiling Crab.(:

Hello up there BabyBoyToy!(:

Happy Customers!

Check out and get addicted at Bag O' Shrimps:

Bag O' Shrimps: A Bag Full Of YUM!


  1. Oooh, I love shrimp! Will check this spot when we go to The Fort :-)

    1. You should!(: and for sure you will get hooked!