Thursday, August 14, 2014

30 Wonderful Years With Burt's Bees

"Nature becomes you."

One of my/our favorite brands, Burt's Bees celebrated its 30th birthday together with some lovely bloggers at Seda Hotel in BGC.


The room was filled with ladies all happy and excited to celebrate and be part of this "historical" event. Imagine, 30 years of good, natural products making us girls (and boys as well) look our best!

When I arrived, they asked me to get a serving of water using my own mason jar and you can choose to add some cucumber or oranges and honey as well!

Mason Jars! <3

Ain't this the cutest, honey?(:

The "Bee"rthday Cake!

Each table had a yellow envelope, a Burt's Bees mini notebook (which I totally love!) and one Burt's Bees product. I was very lucky to get the hand cream as I have very dry hands!

Shea Butter is <3 !!

UPDATE: I am so loving this hand cream! It keeps my hands hydrated and the smell is just lovely!

I wonder what's inside?

Side Story: I was actually not feeling well that day, but these Burt's Bees candies helped clear my throat! 


So how did we celebrate Burt's Bees 30th birthday?
Before hearing Burt's story, we were treated a plate of fresh salad.

So fresh and good!

May Samson, Brand Manager of Burt's Bees Philippines

The celebration started with May Samson giving us a background on the very inspiring history of Burt's Bees. Yes, Burt is actually a person, yes he is the man in the little tin cans we purchase and he is one of peopl behind this great brand. 

This inspiring story started 1984 when Roxanne Quimby met Burt Shavitz (he was already known as the local fella with a beard and a well-known local honey stand). The two hit it off quickly and Roxanne started making candles out of Burt's unused wax from his beehives. And fast forward to 1991 Roxanne made the first ever Burt's Bees Lip Balm which we all love and know until today. From that day on they were able to come up with different skin care products and eventually a Lip Shimmer (for an added color) and more catering to people around the globe! And yes, everything is NATURAL!

SOON! Burt's Buzz (A Burt's Bees Documentary)

We even had an exclusive preview of his documentary showcasing his humble beginnings and how he remained a simple man taking care of his bees up until today.

Everything Burt's Bees is NATURAL!

This is what I loooove about Burt's Bees, they don't go below 99% in making each product natural. Meaning they don't use artificial ingredients in their products therefore making it safe for everyone to use. Not only that, they also strive to include as much post-consumer recycled (PCR) in their packaging. They do their best to find new ways for their customers to recycle their packaging at home.

After hearing his story the floor was given to Liz Lanuzo of and we were given the go signal to open our yellow envelopes.

Watercolor time!

Liz gave a mini workshop teaching us the basics of the watercolor. She also compared watercolor to applying make up which made all the girls in the room giggle.

Liz Lanuzo of

Liz taught us how to make a color wheel, the different brush strokes and some tips on how to achieve a good painting. She dared us to create a painting out of the objects infront of us. 

After the workshop, lunch was served for everyone to enjoy.

Mmm... Mmmm...!!

Burt's Bees GOODIES for all!

30 Happy Years!(:

Bloggers with Marites Dagdag, General Manager of Burt's Bees Philippines (3rd from left)

Thank you Burt's Bees for the 30 wonderful years!(:

Check out and experience natural goodness here:

30 Wonderful Years With Burt's Bees

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