Monday, July 14, 2014

Engineering For Kids: A FUN Way To LEARN And CREATE

I miss spending time with my 1st born! As you all know my "Little Manong" (2nd baby) is an "Unli-Latcher". So he needs me ALL the time. So I was lucky to spend a good 1 hr. with my pre-schooler when we attended one of Engineering For Kids' workshop at the 5th flr. Function Rm. of Forbeswood in BGC.

Engineering For Kids was brought here in our country by the Smile Group. Smile Group is a private company specializing on modern interactive learning experiences for kids. They brought this enrichment program from the US that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts taught through hands-on activities in an after-school setup.  

Did you know that current studies show that 80% of future careers require STEM Education? And in Engineering For Kids they can help you unlock that potential in your child (NICE!).

Engineering For Kids

I was very excited to spend some quality time with my pre-schooler and do some fun activities with him.


We attended the afternoon session for Juniors (4-6 years old). They also have an Apprentice (7-14 years old) workshop too after our session that afternoon. 

At the start of the session Teacher Tat made the students say the word "fuselage" which is the term used for an aircraft's main body section. She made them say this several times and after that they all went down to business, designing every part of their airplane. The teacher also educated them with the basic parts of the airplane as they design them one by one.

Designing their airplanes

My BabyBoyToy designing the body of his airplane

Time to tape them all together!

I love that while they are creating their own airplanes, they are also informed of what they are doing and also some basic knowledge about an aircraft were discussed to them.

After sticking the parts together, the kids formed a line to see how far their airplanes will fly.

All excited to see which airplane was able to hit the target


Nice throw!
After the airplane activity they all went back to their seats to make another flying machine: helicopter!

Teacher Tat demonstrating how to make the helicopter fly

It was nice to see the kids all giddy and excited to make their creations fly.

My BabyBoyToy trying to make his helicopter fly!

It was nice to see my boy having fun and learning at the same time (isn't that what we all want?). Engineering For Kids aims to inspire kids to build things on their natural curiosity to boost their creativity, heighten their level of thinking and foster social skills and friendship. 

Currently they are offering Civil, Chemical, Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental, Marine and Industrial Engineering which they explain to kids in a way that they will understand. They also have two special classes: Lego Robotics and Electronic Game Design which will be launched August this year.

By the way they also offer Birthday Party Packages if you'd like your kids' birthday to be a fun-learning experience for him and his playmates book them now!

Enrol now and let your child learn and create at:

Engineering For Kids: A FUN Way To LEARN And CREATE

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