Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pink Wasabi: A Sweet Sushi Treat!

I was always intrigued as to what Pink Wasabi is. I often saw their posts on facebook and find their treats really cute and unique!

So I was so thrilled when we got 2 boxes of their treats during my pamper day at Fringe Salon.

I wonder what's inside?

The box itself is really pretty!

When I got home I can't wait to open my treats...

SWEET Sushi Treats!!

Pink Wasabi specializes in making sweet sushi treats. These are little cakes with different flavors. Amazing right? They call them Kashi Maki. I didn't want to eat them at first because they were too pretty and perfect! But once I popped it into my mouth, I quickly fell inlove. A box of 9 (shown above) will cost you P280. They also offer it in 4's (P140) and 18's (P540), the box of 18 includes steel chopsticks by the way!

They have 10 different flavors like Chocnut (chocolate cake, peanut butter, milk chocolate wrap and chocnut bits), Coconut Dream (pistachio cake, coconut white chocolate ganache, white chocolate wrap and pistachio nut) and Nutella Sesame (chocolate cake, nutella dark chocolate ganache, black sesame seeds) just to name a few. And the ones I've tasted are all addicting!

Colorful Reinbo Profiteroles

These colorful little treats are cream puffs filled with delicious and creamy custard filling. They offer 4 different flavors: Green Tea, Strawberry, Orange Coffee and Caramel Pepper. I love the Caramel Pepper because it has a really unique taste. And the Orange Coffee is quite addicting too!

Reinbo Profiteroles comes in box of 4's (P155), 6's (P195), 12's (P360) and 15's (P428). And I tell you, its worth it!

Pink Wasabi also offers other treats like cakes brownies, cookies and truffles. They also have beverages to complete your sweet cravings!

Satisfy your craving for SWEETS here:

Pink Wasabi: A Sweet Sushi Treat!