Tuesday, June 3, 2014

oh, Bento!: Make Your Kids Eat With This Amazing Treat!

Turn your CREATIVITY into something PRODUCTIVE!

Cute and Appetizing. Those were the words that came into my mind when I saw oh, Bento! on facebook. I rarely see people take time to create WONDERFUL (yes I have to emphasize that) meals that will make you go: WOW!

oh, Bento! was born out of Kat Ishizuka's love for cooking. She loves to design and make each of her dishes special as she serves them to her family. Kat got inspired by the bento boxes of her students when she taught in Japan. She saw the effort and creativity in every bento box that they bring. She also got the idea of creating these adorable meals so she can convince her 2 year old son to eat solid food. (oh yeah, I also have the same dilemma!) 

Cuteness overload!

Last January, Kat decided to create a facebook page to share all her wonderful designs and creations. Her husband was really supportive of her decision and later on her page gained a number of followers and eventually one of her friends booked her for a hello kitty-themed party and in an instant one mom also booked her during that party!

Flower Power! (Photo by: Kat Ishizuka)

Creativity in every bite!

Hug Juice! Super YUMMY (and healthy too)!

Since Kat started she felt that she needed to offer more to her market and she came up with another idea, Sweets! by oh, Bento! She now bakes delicious cupcakes, muffins and those wonderful rainbow cakes! And FYI, Kat did not have any "formal" training or schooling, everything she creates is out of love and her own creativity!

Delicious Mini Banana Cupcakes!

Currently, oh, Bento! offers quality and fresh food such as pasta, rice, sandwiches, chicken (karaage---Japanese-style fried chicken) and fruits and vegetables. Kat tries to make each meal as healthy as possible. Pairing it with a small cupcake/muffin and a yummy drink! And she will soon come up with more food choices for her bentos!

oh, Bento!

For now, Kat only accommodates a maximum of 90 bento boxes per day. She wants to ensure the quality of her products making sure that she keeps them fresh and perfect every time! Her minimum order is 25 bento boxes and she will love it if you suggest a design/theme for her, but you are also free to choose from her wide selection of designs/themes. There is only a one week lead time, but I'm telling you book her early as she is one busy girl!

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oh, Bento!: Make Your Kids Eat With This Amazing Treat!


  1. They look so cute! I attempted to make Bentos for my son's lunch at school and I have to tell you it looked nothing like these. I need more practice I think. LOL

    1. Yes Jhanis, they're "cuter" in person!(: Kat also practiced a lot before she became an "expert"!(: