Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fringe Salon: A Day Of Pampering And Style

I rarely have time for myself. I'm a walking ZombieMom. But I'm enjoying every single challenges of motherhood. Though I must admit, I miss having my "Me-Time".

It was so timely that Patty of Mrs.C's Sugarcoated Life invited me and other bloggers to an afternoon of pampering and treats at Fringe Salon in Alabang.

Fringe Salon

Fringe Salon is located on the G/F of Commercenter Bldg. in Alabang (where Army Navy and Yellow Cab is) so its very accessible to the people from the South as well as a few minutes drive from those coming from the North.

The salon owned by the gorgeous and bubbly Evelyn Tagle has a homey feeling once you enter it. She paid close attention to details with its modern interior and top of the line equipments.

Welcome to Fringe Salon!

Classy and Elegant

The salon had 2 floors. On the 2nd floor they have this private area for those who wants some privacy and also a massage area with its own jacuzzi (SWEET!!)!

Only the best equipment!

Massage + Jacuzzi + Own TV = HEAVENLY!

I was asked a week before the event as to what services I'd like to experience. I chose Hair Spa and Foot Spa (Hey! This Mama needs some pampering too! And my crowning glory is screaming for HELP! Haha!(:).


All set for some pampering!

They use only use quality products for your hair, so you are sure to get the best results.

Pamper Time!

The staff made sure I was comfortable all throughout the treatment, asking if I wanted some drinks or snacks and if their application on my head was relaxing (and it sure was!).

After my Hair Spa, we went to the "Golden Chair" wherein I felt like a VIP (Yeah! Like a boss!). Can you believe that you get a chair massage as you avail their Foot Spa service? 

Pampering at its finest!

After all the pampering that I got, I felt so relaxed and "new" at the same time.

My AFTER Photo! YAY!(:

They also served delicious snacks that day (which deserves another post) by Pink Wasabi, Orange Whisk and Simply Pie. YUM-E!!(:

Pink Wasabi, Orange Whisk and Simply Pie

It was so nice to meet new (and nice) people/bloggers who share the same passion as mine: blogging and being able to share information to readers.

Bloggers with their treats!

Bloggers with the owner, Evelyn Tagle in the middle.

Thank you for this wonderful and relaxing treat Fringe Salon! I will surely come back to avail and try your other services.

Sweet Treat!(: Thank you!

Get your hair fix and be pampered at:

Fringe Salon: A Day Of Pampering And Style


  1. Thank you so, so much for making time for us, Kaity! So glad to have had yo at our event. Til the next one :D

    1. I had a wonderful time, Patty!(: and I finally had my "Me-Time"! So relaxing!

  2. Thanks for coming and playing with us Kaity!

    I was so happy to meet new bloggers from the SOUTH, since we are so far and few in between. Looking forward to running into you again real soon :-)

    1. Thank you also for inviting me Ms.Michelle! (: so nice to meet you! I had fun! Hope to see you again soon!!