Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Charmed Life! + GIVEAWAY!

"Shine BRIGHT like a diamond!"

I always believed that we should embrace our differences and uniqueness. That we should shine on our own. That's why I was so happy when I chanced upon Charmed Life. It made me share my own life story in a "charming" way.

I was able to create my story through this wonderful little keepsake which I can take along wherever I go. 

A Box Full of Charms

Charmed Life started last 2013, thanks to Chai and her partner Jane for bringing this lovely idea here in our country! Originally these lockets were popularized in the US, but the charms were too pricey so the tandem came up with the idea of having their own line of lockets and charms which should remind you of the good things in your life.

You'll go gaga over their wide (and still growing) selection of charms which will symbolize special events of your life.


Chai and Jane made sure they only provide quality products which will last for a long time. Their chains and lockets are also made of high-grade 316L surgical stainless steel which is safe to use by those who are acidic and those who have sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin when it comes to fancy accessories but I've been using mine for quite some time and never got any irritation.

It's also nice to you that you can play with your locket by changing the charms from time to time. You can easily open it and add or remove a charm to your hearts delight!


Check out and CREATE your own one here:

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A Charmed Life!


  1. Nice giveaway sissy! Joined! These are cute charms indeed!

  2. They are oh so charming! I think they should add a tiara as part of their collection so that it would fit perfectly on my self-proclamation as princess-turned-queen. Hahaha! :D

  3. Joined! Hope I could get a chance to win!

  4. Anklet! :) an added accessory to show awesome stories of our wonderful ankles and feet.. where our steps took us!

  5. The locket is so pretty. they have a lot of great designs when i checked their fb page.

  6. Bracelet like locket :) nice designs and for keeps :)

  7. i want one because i want to safe keep my trinkets of life in thia beautiful locket...

  8. Thank you EVERYONE for joining!(: I hope you'll all join again next time! Congrats to Sey!!(: