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The Learning Library: Learning The FUN Way!(:

LEARNING should be easy and FUN!

I've read and seen some kids who dread going to school especially on their (very) first day. I've got a but worried that my little one (who is about to enter school this year, for the FIRST time EVER!) might have what they call "separation anxiety" too.

So this summer, I wanted to make the most out of my last few weeks of having MigMig as my only son (since I was pregnant), so I enrolled him in a couple of programs which I find helpful and fun at the same time. 

Luckily, he won an 8-day "trial" from The Go Mom at The Learning Library! Yay!(: I wanted to be his "teacher/tutor" while his baby brother is still in my tummy and I want him also to be prepared before his "big day"!

Yay! Thank you The Go Mom!(:

The Learning Library

We were given the chance to choose which program my son would take and which branch we prefer. The nearest branch to us was Alabang. Vanny Bicomong (founder) was very nice to talk/text with. She advised me to have my son assessed first so I'll know which program he will take.

So we went to Alabang and Teacher Marie was such a patient and nice instructor as she assessed the level of my son's readiness. Teacher said that MigMig knows his alphabet, but he doesn't know how to "sound" most of the letters. Funny when he was asked: "which thing starts with the letter K?" He said: "Kaity!" haha!(: and when asked: "which thing starts with the letter R?" He answered: "Raiden!" and finally: "which thing starts with the letter H?" He exclaimed: "Honda!" (oh kid! The things your mother teaches you!)

Oh! And yeah, no separation anxiety here!(: I just stayed in the classroom for a few minutes and after that I told him I'll wait outside and he was okay with it. Whew!

She advised to have him take the Beginning Reading program which will take 45mins.-1hr./session, twice a week. This program is best for those who are just starting to learn how to read. 

Happy Kid during his first day!

I love that Teacher Marie/The Learning Library carefully chooses which book to read (in my son's case, since he loves Cars, that's what the teacher read) so that the child will be interested.

Oh! That's his favorite---CARS!

As we attended more sessions, I noticed that Teacher Marie also taught MigMig how to write his name! Amazing! I've seen his progress in every session! (and I tell you, he is not a "writer". He is too lazy to even hold a pencil!)

MigMig carefully tracing his name

He is also not the "color" type of kid (trust me, I did my best to engage him in arts!). So its such a wonderful sight to see him coloring stuff and obeying his teacher.

Picking out a color...

R is for??

I also love that every session, Teacher Marie would update us of MigMig's progress. She also gives him a "smiley" for every achievement or right thing that he does. And we also get to take home some worksheets so MigMig can practice (and bond) with Mommy at home.


After completing the 8-day "trial" sessions... I say "trial" because it doesn't seem like a trial to me since my son learned a lot from Teacher Marie! His writing and coloring improved and he is now familiar with the sounding of some letters!

I can say that he really benefited from this program. What matters to me is that he enjoyed each day that he would go to "school" willingly and he learned at the same time.

A frog puppet from Teacher Marie!(: thank you!

Let your kids learn and have fun at:

The Learning Library: Learning The FUN Way!(:

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