Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memory Crafters: A Fun and ARTSY Way to Create Memories!

Creating new and happy memories is what keepin' us sane!

Just last month, I received a big blue box in the mail and I got all giddy as I open and peek into it...

Memory Crafters


I love it when they take time to "personalize" what they are giving to people. Made me feel special in some way.

The Contents

Memory Crafters is a box subscription service wherein you can choose from 1 month (P1,199), 3 months (P3,199) or 6 months (P5,899) subscription plan.

Each box is uniquely packed with stuff which you can DIY to your hearts delight! They also included some instructions and ideas that you can follow/create.

Their first box for the month of April was summer-themed. It was so timely for the season and all the contents screamed SUMMER!

Time to get ARTSY!

I love getting artsy. Its like I can get lost, be somewhere else and just let go...

I got all excited and challenged when I saw all the materials that they've provided.

And since I am slowly getting back on track (after a month of taking care of my newborn), I got the chance to try out some of the stuff included in the box.

Summer Tote!

I decided to create my own design and painted what I'm feeling right now which is the HEAT! Haha!(: The paint was really fun and easy to use and the canvas did not give me a hard time. Beginners and experts will surely have a fun time doing projects with all the materials that was provided.

I still have some other "projects" to do and I'm excited to start on it once I get the chance.

So for all you "memory makers" out there, subscribe now and have wonderful moments with your family, friends or little ones (speaking of little ones, they'll be having a Memory Crafters Junior box soon!! So watch out for it!)


Memory Crafters: A Fun and ARTSY Way to Create Memories!

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