Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meet Our Little Happiness: Ryu Miro (:

My song to my little ones: "And you're the place my life begins... And you'll be where it ends. I'm flying without wings. That's the joy you (two) bring. I'm flying without wings..."

April 21st, 2014. Strike 2! I woke up and saw blood again. I knew he was coming. Though I did not feel any contractions (compared to my 1st born), I knew the drill already. This was the same "sign" I got when my 1st born was about to come out.

And YES, I wasn't prepared again. I was scheduled for a C-Section on the 28th, but I guess this little one is like his Kuya, he has his own plans. (and they both came out on their 38th week! WHEW! Full term babies!)

I texted my OB and its no surprise that we were quickly sent to the hospital.

And before 7PM, our little angel was already out!(:

Having a C-Section was really challenging and painful. But it was all WORTH IT. Seeing my newborn and feeling his skin, I quickly recovered from all the pain. It was also really helpful that my entire family is now here to help and support me. I am also more determined and dedicated to breastfeeding my little one. (YAY!)

Ryu Miro


Brotherly Love <3

Smile (:

I am now a BIG Brother!


Thank you to:
Rummage for my sons cute bow ties
Azumi Boutique Hotel for the elegant room setup

Meet Our Little Happiness: Ryu Miro (:


  1. Beautiful photos, Kaity! Beautiful children! My husband also likes the name Ryu. :)

    Mars M.

    1. Thank you Mars!(: you're next! YAY! We love japanese names!