Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Makin' Mini Donuts

Cooking should be made EASY!

Me and my 1st born are mini donuts addicts! We always grab a dozen or two whenever we see a stall in the mall.

Imagine my reaction when I saw this amaaaaazing product online!

The Perfect Mini Donut Maker

I'm no "kitchen mama". I don't know how to cook anything! (Well maybe except for spam, hotdogs, ham, etc. You get the picture!) With this device, its as easy as 1, 2, 3 from preparing to cleaning!

I decided to follow the recipe already included in the box. But note that you can use any ready-to-mix/bake batter available in the market!

See? Just a few ingredients!

Kuya MigMig helping out (he was really excited to eat the donuts!)

You'll go nuts with this DONUT!

Just a few mix, whip and whisks and we were all set!

Grease the small pans and pour the batter in!

See how easy? I just greased each pan with butter then I slowly placed the batter. Plugged in the unit (with 220v, you can use it right out of the box!) and waited for 4 minutes (or until I achieved the right kind of brown)...

Mini Donuts ready!

It was so easy to get the donuts out. We just added some powdered sugar and cinnamon to make it more flavorful!

Our Cinnamon-flavored Mini Donuts!

The little one taking his first bite

Our Mini Donuts was a hit! We had to make several batches that night!

I'm looking forward to trying out another recipe soon!(:

Did I mention that this wonderful product only cost P1,500 + FREE shipping!

Grab this amazing invention at:

Makin' Mini Donuts