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Ban Kee Trading Inc.: Fun, Educational, Useful Toys/Brands

Ban Kee Trading Inc. has been making kids happy since 1986. They are the leading distributor of toys and baby products here in the Philippines. They carry famous brands such as The First Years, Lalaloopsy and Leap Frog just to name a few.

Just some of the brands Ban Kee Trading Inc. carries

And last May 13, I together with other lucky mommy bloggers and our little ones got to experience and preview some of Ban Kee's leading toys and baby brands.

A day for us moms and our kids

Kids get to do some arts and crafts

A buffet full of sweets as treats for us moms and the kids!

The event was held at Cravings, Shangri la Mall. It was an afternoon of getting to know other mom bloggers as well as playing with some of Ban Kee's products.

Yummy food served by Cravings

While we eat and enjoy all the toys around us, Jenny Fernandez (Advertising and Promotional Manager of Ban Kee Trading Inc.) gave us a background on some of their products.

Jenny Fernandez of Ban Kee Trading Inc.

Playtime is IMPORTANT

Toys should be...

These are just some of the brands that Ban Kee carrier which we got to play with:

The First Years

The First Years is a brand specially for newborns/babies. They introduced their Sleep Positioner which keeps babies, especially newborns in place while sleeping so they will be safe and steady even when their parents are asleep. They also shared their Breastflow bottles which is best for breastfeeding moms as it lets your baby control the flow of breastmilk or formula as naturally as breastfeeding. 


Boon is a product for the modern moms and their kids. They are known to create innovative products which help parents in their daily challenges with their kids. They have spoons, cups and bowls just to name a few.

Chill Factor

I have always been intrigued with Chill Factor's Slushy Maker. I've seen it in commercials and at toy stores. This product is so timely for the summer season! It instantly makes/turns ANY drink into a slush! Amazing right?
LEARNING should be FUN too!

Leap Frog

Who doesn't know Leap Frog? I love that these toys are not just fun to play with but are very educational too! My son was able to try LeapReader and I was so amazed as the little pen reads while my son drags the pen across each sentences in the story book.

My 4 year old son enjoying the LeapReader

He was also able to enjoy the LeapPad Ultra which is the "iPad" for kids. Not only is it educational, it also has a wifi and camera (just like the real iPad!) except that it only allows "child-safe"/educational sites. It also has an application which can monitor your child's development.

Playing with the LeapPad Ultra


All the little girls in the room enjoyed this Lalaloopsy Bubbly Mermaid. This famous little doll creates bubbles on her head when you squeeze her tail! 

Cra-Z-Art's cra-Z-loom

I know everyone is already hooked in this loom craze. It was actually my first time to experience and create a loom bracelet that day! The staff of Ban Kee + the adorable Cra-Z-Art loom set were there for us to enjoy. We loomed our hearts out all throughout the afternoon! And yes, it was really relaxing and addicting at the same time!

CREATIVITY comes naturally when you're enjoying!

See? Even my husband got addicted!

He was able to make 4 loom bracelets! WOAH!

They also had a color contest that day and a raffle. I won this Boon product on the raffle part of the program. Perfect for my newborn when he starts to eat solids. Yay!

Boon's Catch Bowl

And they also gave this cute and (yes!) educational loot bag to take home.

Loot Bag

It was really a fun and interesting afternoon as I met some fellow mom bloggers and get to experience these amazing toys with my 4 year old.

So moms, next time you purchase a toy make sure it will not only make your kids happy, but they will also benefit from it.

Thank you to Monica of Absolutely Mommy for having us!(:

Check out what Ban Kee has to offer:

Ban Kee Trading Inc.: Fun, Educational, Useful Toys/Brands

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