Thursday, April 3, 2014

Scrapbookin' FUN @ Gourdo's

"The only constant thing in this world: change (and MEMORIES)!"

I love happy memories! And I believe documenting them should also be fun.

I used to scrapbook before. But being exposed to the "digital" world made me lazy to continue this hobby of mine. So I got all giddy and excited when I was one of the mommy bloggers who got invited at Gourdo's for a Scrapbook Workshop.

Halloween and Christmas Theme!

Challenging myself to be CREATIVE makes my life more meaningful (and colorful)!

A few lucky mommy bloggers spent a day at Gourdo's and had the chance to release and share their creative side. 

Ime Oranga, a scrapbook enthusiast and expert as she has being doing this hobby for years already was our "teacher" that day. She was very hands on and detailed while she was teaching and assisting us. Her love for scrapbooking was seen through all the creative pieces she has made over the years.


More samples from their Valentine's themed workshop

Seeing all the wonderful designs made me excited to get down to business! I brought with me some Christmasy photos from last year and Gourdo's was generous enough to provide all the materials.

Scrapbookin' fun!(:

Time to get crafty and creative!

Lovely Martha Stewart Punchers!

I love these! They are so easy to use and they make each page of my scrapbook even more beautiful.

Ime demonstrating how to use these punchers


After a few minutes of cutting, designing and sticking, I was able to create this! I didn't know that there were a LOT of ways to scrapbook. I used to just stick and write whenever I do this. But now I was inspired with more ideas!

Ime and I

Ime really unleashed my creative side that day. She gave me tips and tricks on how to make each page of my scrapbook event more attractive and how I can really add a "story" to it.
After the workshop, Liaa (Consultant for Crafts at Gourdo's) toured me around the shop (this is at The Fort Strip) and showed me all the supplies that they have to offer.

And my! Was I in scrapbook heaven!

Stickers! Lots and LOTS of 'em!

Stickers (upclose)

Martha Stewart Punchers

And more of her products

Smash! Another way to keep those memories---journaling!

More Smash products

And yes! They have a shelf full of Project Life products!

I didn't know Gourdo's actually carry all these amazing "crafty" products! It really inspired me to get back to scarpbooking/documenting our wonderful memories using all these items!

Check out their page for MORE fun activities and supplies:

Scrapbookin' FUN @ Gourdo's