Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Creative Kids: A Fun Way To Get CREATIVE!

Summer should always be FUN!
(especially for the little ones!)

Summer is officially here! And yes, June is just around the corner. Being the "super" excited mom that I am, I've researched and read on how to make this summer enjoyable AND productive for my little one as he prepares himself to enter school.

Kids' artworks

Such a cute rocking horse!

Being creative brings out the "kid" in you!

I was able to chance upon Creative Kids on facebook. I wanted to enrol my son for the summer workshop, but my schedule won't permit me, so I just had him experience their one of their art classes.

Chameleon! Such an interesting read!

Engage him

I love how the teacher/s are so friendly and they really know what they are doing! His "creative" day started with a story with Teacher Jenny. She made him participate on the story telling session as they do actions and movements together.

Complete materials for the kids

It's also good to know that the paints they use are proudly Filipino-made and are washable, eco-friendly and yes safe for kids to use and play with!

Let the mess begin!

My almost 4 year old son was a bit hesitant at first. He doesn't want to get his hands dirty (yes, he got that from his mom! Haha!) That is one of the reasons why I wanted him to take an art class before he enters school, since he is a bit "scared" to touch certain stuff especially when it'll make his little hands dirty or messy!

LET them be little.

He did it!!(:

But eventually he did it!(: (with my assistance haha!) Teacher Jenny was also good in convincing him to play around with the paint. He was actually doing the background of his artwork.

Time to paint those chameleons!

Now he's enjoying!

He started to paint his chameleons and some other designs one at time using different types of brushes. His teacher would always ask him which colors he would like to use and she would explain how the colors would turn out to be once he mixes them together.

He looooves the roller brush so much!

Teacher Jenny assisting him how to paint/hold his brush properly

Since my son was just about to turn 4 at that time, he's still not used to holding a pen/brush properly. I love that his teacher was there to assist him instantly.
Designing his chameleon

Twisting the chameleon's tongue

Having fun sticking his artwork

He got a very good stamp for doing his artwork! (This was actually the 1st time he allowed someone to put a stamp on him!)

The little one with his masterpiece!(:

The experience was really enjoyable and rewarding for my little boy. I love how he was able to have fun while learning at the same time. 

Check out, SIGN UP and have an amazing summer at:

Creative Kids: A Fun Way To Get CREATIVE!


  1. I love the colors of his work! :-) I love that book, too. It's such a class favorite. :-) Was this a one-on-one class?

    Mars M.

    1. Aww!(: thank you Mars! Yes, one-on-one, it was a trial class. They have a workshop this summer for 4 days, but I can't sign him up because I have work.

  2. This is so cute! I once taught a summer art workshop before. The output of your little boy is very beautiful!

    1. Thank you Kareen!(: wow! You're an art teacher pala? Where do you teach?