Monday, March 17, 2014

Tangle Teezer: Will Do Wonders For Your Hair!

Tangle what?

I love and care for my long, straight hair. My hubby also loves it when my hair is long so I decided to keep it this way since it also makes me feel "girly" somehow. Luckily I have straight and "kinda" manageable hair. At times when I don't get to use a conditioner, it becomes unmanageable. I'm also not the salon-type-of-girl. I think the last time I had a treatment was 2-3 years ago! I believe the more you chemicals you use in your hair, the more damaged it gets (but thats just me!)

So I was really intrigued when I got an invite to experience Tangle Teezer! (I'm so tamad in fixing my hair sometimes since I'm so occupied with stuff to do aka Mommy Duties!)

Tangle Teezer is NOW in the PHILIPPINES!

Last week a group of selected bloggers were invited to view and use this product at Texas Roadhouse Grill in BGC. Everyone was excited and curious as to what Tangle Teezer has to offer.

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler---my new must-have!

Before the talk started, we were treated to a sumptuous meal which everyone enjoyed.


Good Food!

Corn on a Cub
While we were enjoying our meal, Tangle Teezer was slowly introduced to us... It was an informal set up. Everyone was welcome to pitch in their thoughts and suggestions about the product.

Vima Mendoza, Marketing and Social Media Manager

Vima was one of the reasons why I was able to attend this event. She organized this bloggers only night to introduce and familiarize us with this amazing hair brush. Vima was a really friendly and funny lady as she answered all my questions about Tangle Teezer. She told everyone that she now owns a couple of these hair brushes as her daughter keeps getting it from her bag. She swears by the product and loves it so much.

After her introduction she then turned the table to Enrico who gave us more infromation about Tangle Teezer.

Enrico Menichetti, Director for Operations and Management

Yes! A man is responsible for bringing this hair brush to our country! Enrico shared to us how he was hesitant at first to carry and market out this product as it was something which women use and he was also wondering what's the difference between this hair brush and all the other hair brushes out there? Until he tried it and experienced the amazing results.

Enrico shared the hair brush to all of us and we too get to experience the wonders which Tangle Teezer promises to bring to every mane!

Tangle Teezer for everyone!

Tangle Teezer Salon Elite

With Alexander Joseph Chua, Sales and Account Manager and Enrico (and YES! I just used Tangle Teezer in this photo!) (:

After a week of using Tangle Teezer, I can honestly say that it will do wonders for your hair! You can see and experience its effect in an instant! Its soo addicting to use on dry or wet hair. It doesn't damage or hurt my scalp, instead it massages it and keeps my hair soft and smooth.

My life is now smoother (and easier) now that Tangle Teezer is here!

Tangle Teezer will be available soon (around late March to early April this year) at selected malls and salons around the Metro! So you better grab one fast!

Tangle Teezer: Will Do Wonders For Your Hair!


  1. Really interesting! I wanna try it soon! :)

    1. Hello Glaiza!(: yes you should! And if you have a daughter (or even a son), for sure they will love it too!

  2. Hi! It was really nice seeing you during the event! I was wondering if this was officially launched na. I sent them an email to check :)

    Nice blog by the way! More power!

    1. Hello Kaycee!(: no updates yet. Did they reply already to your email? I also want to update my post on where people can get this amazing brush!

      Thank you!(:

  3. Hi! I hope to see update here in your blog Ms. Bato about the tangle teezers especially the elite or styler, I really want to try one.. and your info made me more interested about the product.
    i have been like surfing the net on how to buy here in the Philippines but the design I want is usually out of stock.

  4. Hello Nina!(: their website is already up:, instagram: tangleteezerph and on facebook: Tangle Teezer Philippines!(: