Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sandbox: FUN in LEARNING!


A few months back, I was lucky enough to receive and experience Sandbox.

Sandbox is a monthly subscription for kids wherein you get random (educational) fun stuff plus an activity sheet that you can do with your little ones.
I love that its addressed to my son!

Me and my little one got all giddy the moment we saw the package. He kept on asking what was inside the big box??

Being the "active"/hands-on-mom that I am, I quickly scheduled a trip to Nuvali so we can relax and explore this new activity together as a family.

So excited to open his Sandbox!

Enjoy the little moments... For they are the most precious times.

The Sandbox that we got was packed with activities connected to plants/planting. We received a bunch of art materials and some seeds plus a watering can so we can see and record the growth of monggo seeds.

Father and Son bonding (:

My son and his dad had a wonderful time coloring the petals and leaves for his "flower pot" art challenge/activity.

MigMig was never a fan of coloring or writing. He is yet to discover this fun activity and learn how to write/color properly. I believe through "fun" activities, he will slowly love and enjoy this hobby.

Dadi guiding the little one

Painting time!

On the otherhand, this little boy enjoys painting so much! He finds joy in using different colors to make his creation interesting.

Stick it!

MigMig also had a great time sticking the insects and flowers around his pot. He was the one who instructed me where he wants to place them.



The little one was so happy and proud with what he accomplished. 

The seeds and other activities we decided to do at home since it needs to be observed for a few days.

All in all it was a fun and worth-while activity for us. We get to teach him new things at the same time he is challenged to be creative and he also enjoys what he is doing.

As a reward we allowed him to bike around the place all throughout the afternoon.

My happy little man (:


So for all the moms out there, be sure to check out Sandbox and subscribe now so you too can experience and create wonderful memories with your little ones!

Check them out and SUBSCRIBE NOW:

Sandbox: FUN in LEARNING!


  1. What a cool idea--a monthly subscription package with fun activities for your child? :) I wonder how much does the subscription cost? And if they're age-specific.

    Mars M.

  2. Yes! My kid got all excited when he saw the box.(: it starts at P999/month and gets cheaper if you subscribe for 3 months or so... For age, its for 3-7 yrs old.(: