Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Pressed Flower Workshop

I can't say that I am not the "flowers-type-of-girl" because I always get giddy and "kilig" whenever my hubby gives me some.(: (and that's on VERY rare occasions!  Haha!) And each time, I tried my BEST to preserve and keep them in shape, but I always fail. So when Mikko of ITryDIY came up with A Pressed Flower Workshop I did not hesitate and I quickly signed up!

I Try DIY's A Pressed Flower Workshop

It was an afternoon of learning on how to preserve those precious little flowers that are so hard to let go. The workshop was held at Pino, Jupiter St. in Makati.

DIY flowers all around the place

We were each given a workshop kit which included all the materials we needed for that afternoon's crafting experience. I love that it included a mini instruction book so we can still do and remember everything that was taught that day once we get home.

Workshop Kit

Pre-pressed flowers from Alaska!


Mikko also provided the pressed flowers that day. They were all so delicate and beautiful! Her mom (the "Queen" of Pressed Flowers) sent it to her all the way from Alaska!

Mikko's work of art!
Getting lost in creativeness is always a good idea.

After Mikko's very detailed explanation on how we should handle and stick the flowers and after she suggested and showed us some ideas on how we can arrange the flowers, everyone got down to business. Everyone was so quiet and serious as they create their own masterpiece.

Pressed our own set of flowers which we will use after 6 weeks

Stick with care (:

My first "work of art" (:

But this is my favorite (:

Mikko told us to picture out our design before pasting our flowers. She even suggested to take a photo of our design before sticking them.

Mikko asked us to make 2 designs and decide which one we want to frame and submit as an entry for her "mini contest".

Pressed Flower Entries

Woot! There's mine!

I got so kilig since Mikko's Mom chose my entry as one of the winners!!(: YAY!!

YAY!!(: (Photo by: Mikko)

Our group (: (Photo fr: Mikko)

It was indeed a fun and interesting afternoon! Everyone got to take home their own framed piece plus knowledge on how they will be doing their next project.

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  1. I love this! I wish I was able to join. Would you know if there's another one? :-)

    1. Yes Mars!(: you will enjoy it for sure. The next one is in QC! Here is the link: http://www.itrydiy.me/p/workshops.html (:

  2. And it's nearer me, too! Thank you for the info! Must go check sched and sign up now! :-)

  3. I want to join this too!! My daughter and I will love this for sure.

    1. For sure Leira!(: its a very fun workshop, you just need patience, but its very relaxing.(:

  4. I'm not very crafty...not like this anyway. My best friend, is, though, she and her daughters will love an activity like this. :)

    1. Hello May!(: even if you're not crafty, you will enjoy this. You just need patience. Its a very relaxing activity. Maybe you can share this to your bestfriend.(: