Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cupcake Lovin' @ Cupcakes by Sonja


It was one sweet day for me and my son as he participated in one of Cupcakes by Sonja's Sweet Sessions. Sweet Sessions are a series of events this Valentine's season wherein you get to create and design your own "love" cupcakes.

Sweet Sessions @ Cupcakes by Sonja

Cupcakes by Sonja @ Shangri La

Sweet Sessions

Lovin' the interior of this place!

Light them up!

Remember! <3



Cupcakes overload!!(:

A cupcake a day makes you smile all the way!

I have to admit that I'm super in love with Sonja's cupcakes! For me they are they best tasting ones out there. I enjoy it even more whenever I get to share it with my little one (we are both cupcake/chocolate addicts!).

The event was held last February 8 at Cupcakes by Sonja Shangri La. There were around 20 kids who participated and everyone was so excited and giddy as Sonja herself handed out the big blue boxes containing 4 cupcakes and the materials needed to make their design.

Inside their big blue box

Make 'em colorful!

Other materials the kids used to make each cupcake special

The 4 cupcakes that the kids needed to design were easy and at the same time challenged their creative sides a little bit.

Cupcake design "template"

My son needed a little "push" to start making his own design so his daddy bought him a Tomica car before he started making his own cupcake masterpiece.

But once he started I can see the glow in his eyes as I assisted him in designing our favorite snack!

Mix that up!


Showing him how to sprinkle it with love!

Now its his turn!

Putting in our hearty arrow!

TADA! His 1st masterpiece!(:

We (or should I say I? Haha!) was so excited already for our next design.

Wow. Why so serious baby?

Placing in the colored sprinkles to form a heart

Now he's having fun!(:
Our 3rd cupcake was a bit of a challenge for us as we need to roll out petals so we can create our own rose.

Roll it, baby!

His "rose" cupcake which we both designed together

For our last cupcake, we were given a LOVE sign which we need to fill in with color. I asked my little one what color he would like to use and he quickly said; blue!

Placing in his LOVE sign

TADA! LOVE in blue!(:

After the fun, yummy experience each kid was awarded a certificate by Sonja to remind them of this sweet experience!

Proud of my little CHEF!(:

Class picture

All LOVE this Valentine's season at Cupcakes by Sonja!

The kids as well as their moms all had fun that day. Everyone took home a box full of yummy treats and a wonderful experience!

I always make it a point to spend a bonding moment with my son for I want him to take these special memories with him as he grows up.

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Cupcake Lovin' @ Cupcakes by Sonja


  1. That looked so much fun and your little boy is soooo adorable. :) Checking out your link to see if there's any more activities that we can sign up for.

    1. Yes!(: super fun and great bonding experience too! Thank you May!(:

  2. Great job on the cupcakes! My daughter, Ziya, who wants to be a baker when she grows up, would have loved to attend that event. :)

    1. She should attend this Janice.(: they'll be having another run! Do check out their facebook page. I think they will be teaching Basic Baking for kids.(:

  3. This sure looks fun. I saw this event but I think it was kind of expensive. I have 2 daughters that wanted to go and the place was quite far. I hope they make one event which is cheaper and more accessible.

    1. Yes, super fun!(: I think your daughters will really enjoy this event. Yah, its a bit pricey but super sulit.(: the little girls really had a great time. They will have another one, a baking class I think, you should sign them up.(:

  4. Oh my! I so envy you! I always wanted to this with my daughter :) I love their interior too especially the chalkboard. You certainly had a great time- great activity and great place!