Thursday, January 30, 2014

Read and Get Inspired 2014

READING makes one WISER (and healthier)!

From R.L. Stine to Gossip Girl to Inspirational Books. These are proof that I've transitioned and changed throughout my 20+ years of existence. I was a book lover. Actually, I still am. But tasks and responsibilities sometimes hinder us to experience and do the things that we love (which should never be an excuse). But now that I am a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) I have some spare time to share with one of my true love---books!

I read.

This 2014 I armed myself with books which are not only for my entertainment but also as tools to motivate and inspire me as a person (with goals) and as a mom.

My goal is to finish all these within the year (I can do this!) and ofcourse absorb (if not everything) all the important lessons I will encounter in each page.

Let's all get lost in...

Start Something by: Yeng Remulla

I won this book during the WAHM Year-Starter Workshop and it was really timely since I am in this stage of my life wherein I really want to "start something". This book will motivate you to "go for it!" and to never be afraid to take chances.

My First 1000 Words

Oh yes! I am a proud mom who reads and teaches her 3 year old son to love and enjoy reading. I believe a parent is his/her son's 1st teacher. Whatever we share with them, they will share to the world. And since my son will start school this June (Yay!), I have to equip him with the right knowledge so he will be ready to face the challenges he will encounter.

The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional by: Gary Chapman

Most of you may have encountered the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I remember one of my professors during college asking us to take this test with our "then" boyfriends to see which love language will work best for us. (I wasn't able to attend her session since I was single that time. Haha!) But now that I'm married, me and my husband took the time to answer this test (I think everyone should take this, single or married!). The results we got were very accurate! So when I found out about this book and how it will inspire you to be a better spouse, I searched for it and have it shipped here. And yes, all it really takes is just a minute to read it (per day) and you will be challenged to be a better person.

Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking by: Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

Since I was blessed to give breastfeeding a try again, I've been really "researching" a lot on how I can make this journey more enjoyable than stressful. You can read about that here.

Project Mom by: Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and Amanda Griffin-Jacob

Another book I won this year, thanks to Mothering Earthlings! This is a very helpful and detailed book especially to 1st time moms out there! It will equip you with all the knowledge you need to know during pregnancy and after giving birth. Its nice to know also that the authors of this book are two glamorous mamas who already experienced all the ups and downs of motherhood.

A Beautiful Mess by: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

I've been a fan/follower of their blog, A Beautiful Mess for like forever! They are very good in creating/turning ordinary stuff into beautiful things. I also love their style in taking photos so its no surprise that I got a copy of their 1st book the moment it came out. This one is packed with tips and tricks to make your photos more interesting. They've also put in some DIY crafts you can do with your photographs.

There you go! My "book stash" for 2014!(: I hope you'll be inspired to grab a book and get lost in every page. Remember, every book is a new adventure! Enjoy!

Read and Get Inspired 2014


  1. I'm starting to read again. I stopped when I gave birth to our second child because I just couldn't find the time and energy to do anything else but to look after the kids. Hehe! I'd like to get my hands on A Beautiful Mess. I'm a fan of their blog, too!

    1. Hello KImberley!(: yes, it happened to me too, we get so occupied right? So when I have my "free/me" time I read the hours away.(: I think its available at Fully Booked for pre-order. I'm not sure if they have it on stock.

  2. Great list! I love A Beautiful Mess, too, and I'm wowed by everything they do. You should also take time for some fiction! According to studies, reading fiction regularly keeps our creative juices flowing. (I'm currently reading "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" and it's hilarious!)

    1. Thank you Ms.Martine!(: When I'm done with this stash, will check that book title!(: Hooray for book lovers!