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Brew Your BEST Year 2014 @ The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Last January 11, I (together with other bloggers and few lucky CBTL customers) attended The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's 1st workshop for Brew Your Best Year.


The BEST is yet to come!

Brew Your Best Year is a series of exclusive events inspired by The Giving Journal (CBTL's Journal). For its kick-off event, we were treated to a day of inspiration by the funny and very creative power couple; PJ Lanot and Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast. PJ started the workshop by guiding us on how to set our goals for a wonderful 2014.  

The very funny PJ Lanot

We all started with a blank piece of paper and he asked us to write our goals for 2016. Goals which we should achieve by then.

PJ telling us to write our goals

Goals... Goals... Go-GETTER!

He gave us a few minutes to write down our "attainable and specific" 2016 goals and then we shared it to our seatmate/partner for that day. After that he asked us to write down ways/things that we should do this 2014 so we can achieve these goals. We started our sentences with "START" and "STOP". I was really inspired in writing down my plans for 2014. It really makes a difference when you write down your thoughts on paper. We then shared what we've written down to our partner.

Writing down their goals and plans for 2014

PJ explaining to us how we can attain our goals

Here are some of the things PJ said which inspired me to be/do better this year:
-"Sometimes STOPPING is a START."
-"Your DREAMS should have a PLAN."---it should have a deadline.

After his talk, we were given a 5 minute break so we can freshen up and get some snacks.

Delicious food and coffee by the CBTL

The food that CBTL served was really yummy! I loved the tuna sandwich and delicious brownies!
After we had our snacks, PJ turned us over to Alessa as she taught how to do/make wonderful Chalk Art!

Alessa making her introduction


I've been a fan of Alessa's blog, Life After Breakfast and I've also been attending some of her workshops since everything she creates are so beautiful and are made with love. I find all her DIYs really amazing.

I was very excited as she was going to teach us how to make Chalk Art that day.  I've always wanted to learn how to do this craft since I am so inlove with lettering. I love to write even before I was born! And this is one medium I would surely love to master.

Alessa was very detailed with her explanation. She also gave us some lessons and tips on how we can make our piece standout.

Lesson for the day

Types and Classification of Letters

Remember: Highlight important words 

After our short "lesson" with Alessa, she then explained to us our activity for the day. We'll be making a Chalk Art based on the goals we've set for this year. We were to choose 1 goal which we really want to achieve and from there we need to think of an appropriate quote.

Alessa and her hubby PJ showing us the proper way of chalk writing.


We were all excited and giddy as we pass around the black sheets of paper and sharpened chalks.

Chalks, pencils, sharpener, protractor and wipes---just some of the materials needed to do Chalk Art!

A very detailed handout on Chalk Art

We were asked to make a pencil draft on a blank sheet of white paper first before we write in chalk.

Making a draft before writing in chalk

And then the fun begins! Everyone was quiet and serious as they do their own Chalk Art. We were all challenged to unleash our creative side as Alessa announced that the Top 3 Best Chalk Art will win a set of 16 colorful sharpies!

Everyone was serious with their own piece of art

Amazing Chalk Art by one of the participants! And yeah, he got the most number of votes.

My Chalk Art/GOAL for 2014!

When the time was up, we were all asked to place our art in one corner and we were given a piece of paper to stick on our preferred Chalk Art and after that Alessa announced the winners.

Some of our artworks

CBTL's 1st workshop was indeed a success! It inspired me to create a better, more meaningful 2014. I was also oh-so-happy to learn Chalk Art from one of my favorite bloggers. 

After the event, everyone brought home a little something from CBTL.


Our own Brew Your Best Year Journal! Now I can write down my goals, plans and thoughts in a very inspiring way. Each page is filled with inspiration!

Brew Your BEST Year Journal

Make your 2014 worth remembering!

With my team; Carla and Mimai!(: thank you for the photo, Mimai!

Thank you The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for this wonderful workshop! 

Be sure to check out this site for more inspiring/exclusive events:

Brew Your BEST Year 2014 @ The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

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