Friday, January 24, 2014

Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang


I love staycations! Whenever I get the chance to travel and experience something new and beautiful, whether its just a 10-minute or a long drive, I grab it!

So I was really happy when I had the chance to see first-hand of what Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang has to offer. Check out my post here.

Hello to beautiful details/designs!

My boys relaxing at the lobby

You can also lounge around outside

Simple yet elegant interiors makes me go: OHH!

As soon as I entered Azumi's lobby, I was already mesmerized. I knew this hotel has something unique to offer.

We were given an exclusive tour of the hotel's room and facilities.

The hotel houses 187 rooms: Standard, Deluxe and Superior. Each of them was created using ecocarat, a "breathing tile" made of natural raw materials which is specifically designed to absorb humidity, foul odors and harmful substances.

Comfortable beds

A Standard Room comes with its own coach

Mini Kitchen

What I really LOVE about Azumi? Every room has its OWN balcony!

I'm a fan of nice bathrooms!

Television/Superior Rooms' double balcony

All the rooms are equipped with these amenities, the only difference is the space of each one. 

I really love the earth tone colors of the rooms and the pop of orange added to it!

My little one enjoying the balcony of the Superior Room

After seeing all the rooms, we had the chance to view the Infinity Lap Pool at the penthouse of the hotel.

Azumi's Infinity Lap Pool

The penthouse gives you a 360 degree view of the Alabang Skyline! So if you need to relax and release some stress, this is the perfect place to be! 
Azumi also has their own Nail Spa. I love its chic and elegant design.

Azumi's Nail Spa


Relax. Get Pampered!

For now, Nail Spa offers hand and foot services for checked-in and non checked-in guests.

After our mini tour around Azumi we were all treated to a variety of delicious, Filipino dishes especially prepared by Romulo Cafe. All in-house guests will be able to avail a free breakfast courtesy of this famous restaurant.

Romulo Cafe is a brainchild of Carlos P. Romulo's granddaughter, Sandie Squillantini. They serve unique and well-known Filipino dishes.

I am A Filipino -- Carlos P. Romulo

Romulo Cafe

Refreshing interior!

Shrimpin' all the way!

The very addicting Sisig Wraps!

I am inlove with their dessert selection!

After stuffing ourselves with their delectable dishes, we decided to head on up to the penthouse to experience what Azumi has to offer at night time.

Open bar for the guests!

Alabang Skyline

Enjoying the view with these two lovers!(:

Our "mini" Azumi experience was truly one of a kind. I love every detail in this hotel. It will make you change your perception about "boutique" hotels. I said "mini" because we have yet to try out all the amenities and facilities once we stay here! Watch out for that post!(:

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