Friday, January 3, 2014

111213 A Very Special Day

11.12.13 will always be a special day <3

Start of something NEW!

I want to start my year (and this blog) with something really special to me; My Wedding Day. We literally planned everything in 3 days and I'm so proud that me and my husband were able to pull it off!

It was a small and intimate wedding held in our local municipality and exactly 25 people were invited to our mini "anti-reception" reception.

All things dainty


Since I love small, dainty and beautifully detailed cafes so much, we decided to have our wedding celebration at Designers Blooms in Molito, Alabang since all our visitors will be coming from the south.

For starters they served us soup and salad.

Tomato Soup

The BEST Potato Salad EVER!

After the appetizers they served the main dish and our visitors were given 2 choices...

Fish and Chips---which our vegetarian guests preferred

A very generous serving of their famous Jalapeno Burger! Yum!

Everyone was already full when they served the dessert. But still, all of us took a bite and instantly got addicted!

Creamiest Cheesecake EVER!

Everyone was happy with their meal and all of them agreed that the food was great!

Since it was a small and intimate event, it was also a chance for us to catch up with friends we haven't not seen for a while.

My family

My husband's friends

Some of my few and true girlfriends

It was truly a memorable day for me and Raymond. All the stress and efforts that we put for this special day was all worth it!

Weddings really bring people closer, everything became extra special since the people close to our hearts also made an effort to be there and celebrate with us.

Here are some of the details of our mini celebration...

Our "rainbow" wedding cake

Super YUMMY! Since my favorite pastry shop made it!(:

Little giveaways I gave out to my girlfriends


Marrying my high school crush, my boyfriend for 5 years and the father of my sons is truly a dream come true! <3


My Family3 and soon... 4!(:

Lovin' the bouqet of fresh flowers from Designer Blooms

My very beautiful and sweet smelling bouqet <3

I believe planning a wedding should really involve both the husband and the wife to make every detail extra special!

Thank you to:
Designers Bloom for our lovely "anti-reception" reception
Sophie's Mom for the unique rainbow cake
Paper Chic Studio for our cute paper plates, paper straws and table napkins
Made in Candy and Hodge Podge for my little giveaways

111213 A Very Special Day


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  2. Happy for you, siobe. You started the year right. Best wishes and cheers to making it happen in 2014! ;)

    1. Thank you achi!(: let's make 2014 and all the years OUR year! See you soon!