Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tagaytay EATS: Marcia Adams

Staying married is not a walk in the park. It is a DECISION you make every single day to stay inlove and to try not to kill your each other. That's why every year, we celebrate and give thanks for the 12 (strong) months we've been together. It is a blessing and something we are really proud of. So from time to time, we give ourselves a little break and a little treat. This year, FINALLY! We were able to celebrate our wedding anniversary. And as always, Tagaytay is the place to be! Haha! This place will always remain close to our hearts.

For this year, we decided to have our lunch at Marcia Adams. If you're planning to visit, it is best to book your table overlooking the sunset.(: And get the set meal! Price starts at P770. Super sulit with Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert! Winner! Aside from the food being (so) yummy, the portion is also big for the main course! 

Look at those greens!

Lovely setup

3 years strong

Lovely interior


Appetizer: Shrimpee!

I'd go back for this! And make this my main course! Haha! Ang sarap!

Appetizer: Pita + Dip

My hungry Bi

So nice right?


Our view

Main Course: Pork Slab

Main Course: Chicken Skewers

Super love the effort!

Dessert: Kamote + Choco Dip

Emote muna sa bintana

Marcia Adams-09178011456

Tagaytay EATS: Marcia Adams

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Baguio MUSTS: North Haven Spa

One of my guilty pleasures: massages! I never thought I'd be a "tita" this early. Haha! I guess when you have kids, a little "me time" is needed from time to time. So even when I was in Baguio, one of the first things I did was to book a massage! I forced my mom to book it already coz I want to try the "haplos" of the Baguio people. And you guessed it right, it did not disappoint! 

Everything in Baguio feels different. The vibes, the weather, the ambiance... It is like I am transported back in time wherein life was simple and everything is just beautiful (minus the crowd and traffic! Baguio is getting crowded nadin hay.)! Anyway, we had a few choices, but we ended up at North Haven Spa since it was always fully booked (means good service, right?) and I love, love the "feels" of this place the moment I entered it!

The place is located at Upper Session Road, just beside Mt.Cloud. Very accesible to people. If you're planning to de-stress while you're here, please book early! While waiting for our turn, around 3 more customers/couples went in and tried to book a massage but they're fully booked already (we went there on a weekend). Oh! And I love the tea they served after the massage, it made me all warm inside! Coz hello! Baguio---malamig!(:


Scrub choices

Some of the items for sale

Love the petal details!

Tea area

Some of their packages

Baguio MUSTS: North Haven Spa

Baguio MUSTS: Mt. Cloud Bookshop

I will describe Mt.Cloud Bookshop as the house of Filipino literature. If you want to experience and browse thru books about our country and books by Filipino authors, then Mt.Cloud is the place! Located at Upper Session Road, this bookshop is a MUST (visit) for all the bookworms out there! I was so amazed by the place that I didn't notice the time anymore. (Hubby waited for around an hour haha!)

Mt.Cloud Bookshop



And more books!

Take a peek

Baguio MUSTS: Mt. Cloud Bookshop

Baguio EATS: Oh My Gulay!

As I was searching for the best places to eat in Baguio, Oh My Gulay! always came up as a favorite. So before we left, we had our lunch at this artistic place! 

Oh My Gulay! is actually located at the 5th floor (yes, 5th! NO ELEVATOR) of the La Azotea Bldg. in Session Road. My companions were complaining as I dragged them to climb the 5 storey bldg., but all our efforts paid off when we saw the place. Grabe. Artist or not, you'll love the "feels" once you enter the restaurant. I don't know how they did it, but it seems like you've entered a different world while still having that Baguio vibes.

Food was good! We loved it! Price was just right and the serving was huge. I think one plate is good for 2-3 persons. So order away! And please try to relax and enjoy the place and appreciate all the art that's surrounding you.

Interesting pieces


Look at that view (and ambiance)


Hi Mig!

Yes they have this mini pond inside!

Iced Tea

Their version of Pancit Canton---MUST-TRY!!

Club House Sandwich


Everyone's hAngry! Haha (:

Baguio EATS: Oh My Gulay!

Baguio EATS: Strawberries and Ice Cream

Another must-try when you visit Baguio is Strawberries and Ice Cream. Baguio is known for their sweet, fresh strawberries, and for us (or my mom haha) the best way to enjoy it is to pair it with ice cream! They have a wide selection of flavors so you will find your match for sure!

Pili pili 

Take you pick!


Hi Mig! This kid is a certified Ice Cream Addict!

Shared this cup with my mom

Look at that beauty!

By the way, this little ice cream shop is located inside Camp John Hay. Sad because John Hay seems different now compared to our last visit (2008 or 2009). The place looks dull and not well-maintained. 

Baguio EATS: Strawberries and Ice Cream