Friday, August 26, 2016

Balay Dako: Of Cool Breeze and Cozy Feels

Mom's birthday was a bit of a torture for me since I was suffering (yes "suffering" is the right word) with asthma. But yes, we just HAD to celebrate it on the day itself, so I had no choice but to tag along. Good thing I did! Because Balay Dako was surely worth the trip! Maybe I'm living under a rock or something... But Balay Dako is BY: Antonio's. Yes, THE Antonio's, so yeah, expect good, flavorful food!

Since we live somewhere here in Laguna, Tagaytay is just a short trip for us. But eversince I had babies, going there takes time and usually happens (now) during special occasions. So in between the shortness of my breath, I was still excited to experience this place. 

Again, I am no food blogger, so I can't describe their food in a coloful way (haha!) and I apologize for not having too much info, I was fighting for my life as I enjoy their food (asthma attack!).

Balay Dako

As soon as we parked, this huge ancestral house welcomed us. How I wish we had this as kids so we can visit Grandpa and Grandma during the weekends and just play, tell stories...

Homey vibes

Place was HUGE!

We chose the corner table

Lovin' the tiny details

Youtube-ing (sorry, no wifi during our visit)

B-E-S-T Salabat EVER!

I am not kidding when I said this is the best Salabat I ever had. Hindi siya matabang. And I didn't tell them to make it sweet ha. I finished 2 cups! And you know what, it actually made me feel better.


Since mom's birthday was way back 1st week of August, I forgot the price of our Group Meal. I think it was around P5,000-6,000 good for 10pax? Something like that! But for our group, super sulit! With takeout! Food was good!

Happy Family!(:

Amazing interiors!

After our amazing meal, we went upstairs to check out the view. It was so cold! If you're out on a date I recommend dinning upstairs.(: So cozy! There was a DJ that time, so it was a bit noisy. I am not sure if this is a regular thing...

The Bar

Cool breeze and cozy feels

I heard they offer breakfast (P650/head I think?) and again, the second floor is the best place to sip a warm cup of coffee!

More info here:

Balay Dako: Of Cool Breeze and Cozy Feels

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rainy Days and Leather Crafts

Me-Times are "sacred" for me. Haha!(: So whenever I get the chance to be alone, I make sure to use it for something I really love to do. On some days I just relax and read a book, but a few weeks back I decided to join Alessa's Leather Crafternoon at Commercenter in Alabang.

It was a rainy weekend, but my mind was fixed that I was going to attend this workshop and so I did!

Lovely handwriting by Alessa (:

First, Alessa gave us a "semi" finished product already. I got this doggie. I just glued the parts on his face and attached the keychain. No sweat there!(:

Pratice! I just glued the doggie's parts (;

After that, we were on our own!

This was something new to me, so it was really a challenge to come up with a pattern and cut it! So the smaller the pattern, the harder it is to cut! The leather is a bit thick.

Making my pattern/shape

But it was worth all the effort!(: I love how my mini car turned out!

Can you guess what it is?

We had a "leather buffet" that afternoon. Meaning, we can use all the leather we can and create all the keychains we can. But of course, I only made 1! Haha!(: But, it's amazing how many designs you can come up with!

This is harder that I thought! Haha (:

Tada! (:

Hardwork=Amazing Pieces!

Creating leather keychains was challenging BUT relaxing! I didn't know we already consumed 2 hrs. of our day just cutting leather and bringing all the parts together!

JOIN LifeAfterBreakfast's workshops HERE:

Rainy Days and Leather Crafts

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On a Monster Jam HIGH!

We are so blessed to have a mom who is very supportive of our interests. In this case, her "favorite" apo wanted to see Monster Jam for the second time, so she gave me, the hubby plus our two boys tickets to see the show live! This time around, she also included a Pit Pass (for my 6 year old and his dad), so they can get up close to those huge and loud monster trucks plus their amazing drivers! It was the best way to celebrate Father's Day!

According to her, she got all 4 tickets for around P4,300 plus 2 Pit Passes! I think that was 30-50% off the original price!

TIP: best to buy tickets months before the actual show coz they give big discounts!

Life-sized Hot Wheels Monster Truck!! 

 Just "hangin'" around!(:

My little boy was really happy and excited as he got to see the trucks up close and have his shirt signed by the drivers. It was indeed a dream come true for him! So the Pit Pass was really sulit!

 Awesome experience!

Puppy POWER!!


 Look how pretty Scooby's driver is!

4X4 Riders!

Amazing stunts by these riders!! 

HUGE! I tell you!

The show was REALLY loud. We brought our 2 year old son and he cried every time the trucks "roar!" Haha!(: Best to watch this if you can really handle the noise.

The arena was a bit small, but we still had a grand time watching all the stunts and hearing the noisy trucks! I personally like the bikes that went flying into the air!


You should experience watching the show atleast once in your life! I was screaming almost the entire time, cheering (eventhough I don't know any of them! Haha) (:

It was indeed a fun and memorable day for our family. We hope to catch it again next year! Hopefully in Las Vegas?(: Wa! Who knows?(:

CHECK OUT this page for the next schedule:

On a Monster Jam HIGH!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Coffee Project: Something New Down South

Whether you are a coffee lover or not, some cafes give you that relaxing, homey feeling. It's like entering a new dimension and leaving a chaotic world behind. Well, that's what I felt when I first entered Coffee Project here at Vista Mall, Sta.Rosa Laguna.

The place screams HIPSTER all over! And yes, one can't help but take (instagram) photos of every corner of this cafe!

 I love every corner!

When we went to Coffee Project, the place was so calm and quite. Most of the people were reading and some were working on their computers. SUPER PLUS for those working "online", they have fast internet connection and plugs/sockets all over!


This is the perfect place to just sit, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy a chit chat with a friend or simply just get lost doing some of your hobbies (watercolor perhaps?). And you can hangout as early as 7AM and as late as 11PM!

 Lovely isn't it?

 Take your pick!

Coffee price starts at P100 per cup and they have pasta, rice meals and desserts too! Price range around P150-250! Not bad! And the serving is a bit huge too! 

 One of my favorite spots

 Banana Muffin

 Sardine Pasta

If you know me by heart, then you'll know that I am Ms.Sardine Pasta! Haha!(: I can't control my craving whenever I see Sardine + Pasta on the menu! This one passed my taste buds! A bit sweet but really tasty!

 Coffee ofcourse!

Very satisfied customers!(:

So whether you're a coffee addict or not (like me!), I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay and experience at Coffee Project!

Coffee Project: Something New Down South

Friday, June 24, 2016

Fun at Playschool!

We all want what's best for our kids. May it be the food they eat, the clothes they wear or even the toys they play. For me, I've always believed that good education is the best investment and gift we can give them. They may not know it right now but the effects and results of gaining good (learning) experiences will help them better in life.

That's why when I was looking for a Playschool for my 2 year old, I made sure he was experiencing one thing: having FUN! Believe me, we've tried it all, from Gymboree to Kindermusik to some "preschools" here in our city, but I feel that he's not happy or gaining anything at all. I am not saying that these schools are not effective, no, no! It's just that kids are all different. One may enjoy here, the other may not. It's just a matter of finding the right place for them.

So one evening as I was walking around Commercenter I saw this little Playschool called 4C Early Learning Station. It was really late at night and the station was already closed so I just got their number and texted them the next day. They were super accommodating and they answered all of my questions right away. You see, I have this habit of asking all my questions through text so that my time won't be wasted when I get to the place. I mean, hello! Traveling means gas, food, etc.! Why not ask and answer all inquiries through text or call, right? But of course, I am aware that there are some things they can discuss only at the school.

My Happy Baby (:

Before you enroll your child at 4CELS, they would recommend a "play appointment" (if I remember it correctly it will cost P400-600). The Station Crew will assess your child if he is ready to attend any of their classes. They accept babies as young as 1.6-8 years old. They are grouped according to age and they also have a mixed age group.

Look here!(:

My little boy is currently enrolled at their Art Class which is once a week. The class runs for an hour. And I tell you, super sulit! For my son who is "scared" of being around people, he is slowly engaging with other kids and the friendly Station Crew. Their Art Class cost around P400-500 per session which already includes "guided" play. I can really see how the crew interacts with the child and teaches him a thing or two as he plays.

By the way, there is also a one time payment of P800 (membership fee) which is already good for a year! And if you are a member, you get a discount too if you enroll at any of their classes.

Playing with his favorite set of toys

I honestly thought that his Art Class will just last 15-20 mins. per visit. Knowing Miro he doesn't have the patience (yet) to sit still and do activities. I was surprised that he gets to play, do some singing/dancing, some TV time and more! Again, super sulit for 1 hr.

He loves the slide so much!

Yes, we also got him a uniform (shirt) which cost around P400-500. Coz yes, I am OC like that. I am not the "fashionista" type of mom, I don't have the patience to think of their outfits haha!(: Plus, kids look cute in uniform!

And then there's art... (Photo from 4C's website)

One parent is still allowed inside if the kid is not yet comfortable being left behind. But I trust and see the care that each crew has for the children. They see to it that they really enjoy their stay and benefit from the program.

See more of their programs here:
2nd flr., Commercenter, Alabang

Fun at Playschool!