Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Make it Blissful at Avida Nuvali

A few months back, I was invited to attend an event here at our hometown. I was really excited to be part of it, since it was (I believe) the first time an actual (blogger) event was happening at my place! Martine de Luna led the Make it Blissful "Home Gatherings" (Southern Living) workshop at Nuvali. She is the perfect person to listen to when it comes to making or having a more blissful living. The day started at Early Bird Breakfast then at Craft Coffee Revolution (I was late huu!) so I attended the second half at The House of Bawai in Solenad 3. It was a rainy afternoon, but I felt at home and safe knowing I was just a few KMs away from home.

Southern Living: Nuvali

Menu Card at The House of Bawai

So since I just arrived at the venue, I had no idea what was in store for us. The friendly bloggers greeted me as I entered Bawai. I love how they placed these menu cards, it really helps and makes you at ease knowing what the restaurant is serving you. Plus points to Bawai for this!!(:

Spring Rolls

Both the Spring Rolls and Noodles (sorry I forgot the name!) were really good! Yes, I can still remember the taste, but not the exact name haha! Basta masarap!(:

Their best-selling noodles! So good!

Hello bloggers!(:

After getting our tumtums full, we had a little tour around Nuvali. I'll never get tired of this place even if I'm here everyday haha!(: They showed us the new developments and establishments around the area and they also shared with us the future plans for this place. So I'm telling you now, if you CAN, please INVEST. The future is HERE! I am praying that Ayala will keep their promise of keeping 70% of the place green. Coz I think that's what makes Nuvali standout. Dba!

After the short trip, we headed to Avida Nuvali's Showroom and met with Martine. She showed to us some of the scale models of the available Avida homes in Nuvali. And they are really lovely. Hay.... Someday, we'll live here too with my family.... But for now, let me just daydream and inhale the fresh air from all the greens surrounding me here!(:

Martine of Make it Blissful

And the love of her life, Ton; owner of Shophouse Coffee

Martine started her workshop on Home Gatherings by sharing with us how to make our own coffee at home. Interesting how making coffee can be a good conversation starter especially when you have guests. You entertain them plus you're already serving them with your own DIY coffee mix! Nice!

Martine teaching us how to make coffee in a different way

The Art of Table Setting

Then she introduced to us the girls of Boqueria Lifestyle. I was all ears while they were talking, coz I'm a fan of how they style. So effortless!

The gorgeous ladies of Boqueria Lifestyle Market

See? Just look at this setup. And it only took them a few minutes to come up with this!

Such a dainty setup!

Every small detail counts. It makes your guests feel at home when you create a beautiful setup. It is best to come up with a theme and work from there.

Simple yet elegant!

After the Boqueria girls' lecture, it was time for us to practice what we've learned.


We had a few minutes to gather all the props we need from this table and create our own signature setup.

Our setup (:

My team came up with this! The red makes the setting come to life, don't you think? So now, I want red plates for my own home haha (:

My table/teammates!

Love this setup (:

This was my favorite setup since it was really minimalist and they only used the props that were left at the table! Ang galing. They were able to make it work. 

Be sure to drop by Nuvali and check out the Avida properties that they are currently offering.

Make it Blissful at Avida Nuvali

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Road to Bodhi: A Tagaytay Discovery

My daily adventures has led me to this hidden gem. Located somewhere near Antonio's is a little shop called Bodhi. Bodhi sells hard to find books plus natural stuff like soaps, essential oils and some crystals. The place is also good if you just want to sit back, relax and read a good book. They have a small library where it is free to browse and get lost inside the pages! And soon they will be selling coffee and some light snacks too. I was like in my own mini retreat when I visited the place, it was so solemn and all I see is green wherever I look!


Welcome to Bodhi


All natural!

They smell so good!


Little details



 I can stay here all day

 Books! <3

Be sure to visit the place if you're in the area! Bodhi is located inside La Bella. Just google or waze the place. (:

The Road to Bodhi: A Tagaytay Discovery

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Global Mala 2016

Last September 24, I was one of the volunteers of the much awaited event for yogis all over the metro (and the world), Global Mala Project. I drove as early as 5:00AM so I can reach Makati by 6:00AM. God is good, the streets were clear and it was a smooth drive.

Since I started practicing yoga, I was really inspired to learn and go deep into the practice. It was such a lovely experience to assist and watch all the yogis and dancers (yes, Zumba!) get into rhythm. The place was packed! But we were able to keep everything in order. It was a very busy day for all of us volunteers. Everyone was able to create and meet new friends. After all, I think the goal of the event is to bring together people with the same interest and for them to start a lasting friendship even when they are off the mat.

Whitespace, Makati

Certified Calm

Online Contest!

Manduka Mats! <3

The mats were on sale! Like P500-P1,000 OFF!

klean kanteen (I swear, they keep your drinks cold! or warm)

Toby's for our coffee

Hidden cafe

The Wholesome Table

The only food concessionaire at the event. They served healthy and organic food which everyone enjoyed! (If only organic food is not that expensive! Haha!)

Organic food

Healthy and Tasty!

Our lunch: Chicken Yakitori

Just one of the sessions

There were different yoga sessions and talks all throughout the day. Everyone is free to choose any session they'd like join. I was too busy assisting participants so I was not able to participate. (But yeah, volunteers can join any class too after their volunteer time)

With the very pretty Ms.Teresa Herrera (: Thank you for having me!

LEARN more about it here:

Global Mala 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Farm Shed Cafe

Hidden within Sta.Elena in Sta.Rosa Laguna and beside the (magical) Acacia Waldorf School is a tiny cafe filled with all sorts of beautiful, handmade and lovely things. Each one was carefully created by the owner (oh yes! Including the coffee and food!) which will make you feel warm and comfy on the inside. Time flies when you're inside The Farm Shed Cafe. I get to read and finish chapters of my book while sipping my warm, delicious cup of tea. Your creative side will be unleashed as you get the chance to join some of their Art Workshops (which I regularly sign up for!).

Enter (:

The Farm Shed Cafe just before 8AM

Lovely isn't it?

 Little Nook of Books

 Homey Feels!!

 See that wall art? The owner drew that! Amazing!!

 Organic Food by: Holy Carabao

The Farm Shed Cafe also sells local (healthy and organic) produce by Holy Carabao and other small businesses which make good and useful products. Yes, by useful I mean, handmade journals and beeswax crayons! There is also a regular delivery of tuna sandwiches, freshly baked breads and delicious cakes and muffins from some of the parents of the school. You will really feel at home when you enter this place!

 My favorite spot (:

 Coffee or Tea?

Can you see the lovely owner at the right? That's Molly!(: She is the creative mind behind this amazing place! Say "hi!" to her the next time you drop by!

 Lemongrass Tea! <3

Yummy YUM Cheesecake! So smooth!

DROP BY here:

The Farm Shed Cafe